Meet our pastoral staff.

The deacons and the officers of the church, along with all the members of the congregation, are missionaries to the inner city. Here’s a little bit of information about our leaders and what they do.

Pastor Ron Nuñez

Welcome Ron Nuñez as the new pastor of Woodruff Place Baptist Church. Ron was born in Central America in El Salvador. When he was nine, he and his family moved to the Bay area of San Francisco. Ron came to faith when he was 18 and a couple of years later, enrolled at Bible college in the city of Oakland, California. In 2006, he planted a church in the inner city of East Oakland where he served for eight years. He then took over the leadership role of an established church and merged that church with the Oakland church plant. In January 2017, Ron started a new phase of ministry when he, along with his family, moved to Indianapolis to become the Lead Pastor of Woodruff Place Baptist Church. Ron has been married for 14 years and has two young children. He enjoys strength training, cooking and visiting local thrift stores.



Outreach Pastor Joey Newsom

Joey Newsom currently serves as outreach pastor of Woodruff Place Baptist Church. He and his wife, Sarah, are long-time members of the church and have three children: Elena, Hannah and Samuel.






The Deacons and Officers of Woodruff Place

Treasurer: Jesse Carleton
Keeps track of funds available, processes checks for payroll, and pays bills on behalf of the congregation. Encourages financial responsibility among church members.

Deacon of Resources: Jon Simmons
Oversees all concerns with physical property of the church-the building. Makes arrangements for purchases and maintenance. Encourages church members and friends to participate in Work Days or other events to care for our facilities to allow us to continue to minister in this place.

Deacon of Hospitality: Sarah Newsom
Coordinates meals and special functions in the life of the congregation. Encourages participation by members of the congregation in Wednesday night fellowship dinner, other meal events, receptions, and holiday events. Coordinates the ministry of the Food Pantry.

Deacon of Nurture: Stephanie Carter
Coordinates the teaching ministry of the church. Encourages Sunday School teachers, nursery workers and all adults to be aware of their responsibilities as teachers and leaders, helping others to grow in knowledge and service to the Lord.

Deacon of Missions: Marianne Elsman
Responsible for overseeing all the mission efforts in which our church supports throughout the world.

Deacon of Outreach: Robert Carter
Encourages active participation by members of the congregation in the lives of neighbors and friends in the community. Coordinates special events, such as Vacation Bible School. Encourages Christians to witness for Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

Deacon of Worship: David Ebersole
Welcomes visitors and directs general usher activities. Prepares worship space for regular and special services. Serves as hospitality ambassador for many activities of the church family.

Moderator of the Church: Jesse Carleton
Responsible for calling and leading meetings of the congregation and the Deacons. Sets agenda for meetings. Encourages the spiritual leadership of the Deacons.

Clerk of the Church: Sarah Newsom
Responsible for keeping records of church membership and documenting important decisions made at meetings of the congregation and the Deacons. Encourages members of the congregation to participate in all activities of the life of the church. Maintains the church directory.