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Andrew Nichols 7/23/61-8/26/20

It is with a grieving heart that I share with you, our church, the passing of Andrew Nichols on August 26, 2020. He was only 59 years old. We do not know yet the cause of death. Andrew’s memorial will be 6:30pm September 12th at Woodruff Place Baptist Church.

Andrew had many adventures along his life journey.  He had worked many jobs in his life and did many things.  He particularly enjoyed recounting stories as a master chef.  As Andrew’s body suffered more in his later years, he still valued work.  He would often be found doing handyman projects around the church.

Andrew has been a longtime member of Woodruff Place Baptist Church, having lived in Jon and Rosita’s apartment for a long time and also living at the church while doing janitorial work. Andrew loved the children at the church. He loved letting them pull on his long beard and playing with them one on one. To Andrew, the church was his family. We, the Newsoms, would usually invite Andrew over for Christmas celebration. He would spend months thinking through and finding the perfect gift for each person with his frugal budget. Andrew valued time with his church family. There was a season when I was exceptionally hurried and didn’t spend time listening and talking to Andrew. He pulled me aside and asked, “Why aren’t we friends anymore?” That was convicting. To Andrew time was important. It took him awhile to explain himself but it was important for him to say it and be a part of our fellowship. Andrew also suffered from debilitating back and neck pain, along with incapacitating migraines. Even so he maintained his fellowship and spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 12 we read about the different parts that make up the body of Christ. In verse 23 Paul mentions those among the fellowship that need to be specially clothed and honored. They are the least of these, those that need special attention to walk alongside. Andrew was one that reminded us to pay special attention to the care of our church body. He was a treasure to fellowship with. God gives us people like Andrew because the church body needs to remember the value of every person in the fellowship. 1 Corinthians 12 teaches us that those the world would cast away are the very ones the church is called to lift up and treasure in a special way. It is no surprise that the greatest love chapter in all the Bible is surrounded by how the church should relate to one another. Andrew reminds us of that. He was a treasure for us and one that we lay at the feet of Jesus now.

We look forward to the resurrection day when our Andrew will receive a new body and mind, that is not tormented by the pains and paranoia of this age. When his questions of why will be answered with the great embrace of our Loving Lord. Amen.'

Joey is currently the associate pastor at Woodruff Place Baptist Church. He lives with his wonderful wife Sarah and has three children. They love living just a couple blocks away from the church and greeting their neighbors on their way to and from church. Their community on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis is especially important to them. Joey loves his church community and guiding the congregation during this exciting time.

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